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NGO for Mentally Challenged in Bangalore | Tamahar

Tamahar is a prominent NGO in Bangalore working for children with intellectual impairment.  At Tamahar, we believe in nurturing the potential of every child facing developmental challenges. Our holistic approach is designed to provide comprehensive support and specialized care for children with unique needs, ensuring their growth, development, and inclusion in the community. As a dedicated NGO for the mentally challenged, we are committed to empowering these children, ensuring they thrive in society. With comprehensive programs and a passionate team, Tamahar shines as a beacon of hope in India’s NGO landscape.

NGO Working for Disabled in India


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Dr Minal Kekatpure Paediatric Neurologist

Tamahar is without doubt one of the most committed centers in Bangalore catering to children with special needs. What sets Tamahar apart, is their customized approach to each child so as to cater to individualistic needs, and also the scientific way the team approaches each child based on the clinical and neurological diagnosis thereby ensuring wholesome therapy goals and treatment strategies.

Venk Krishnan CEO, Nuware – Funding Partner of Tamahar Trust

Tamahar is doing a fantastic job! An honest effort by Vaishali Pai and Team Tamahar, an attempt by which millions can inspire shaping an inclusive society. We appreciate the systematic program designed for the children. We are very grateful to Tamahar for their selfless service and dedication to the cause.

Wahida Ahmed mother of child enrolled in Early Intervention Program

At Tamahar I got hope that the team will make something of my child and most importantly I really appreciate the way the staff are polite and understanding. It was great that the staff at Tamahar understand our child’s and our requirements and offer therapy accordingly. Lots of thanks to Vaishali ma’am for giving us such a wonderful team.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, Tamahar is recognized as one of the special schools for autism in Bangalore, providing specialized care and education for autistic children.

    Tamahar focuses on holistic development, offering a combination of education, therapy, and support, making it stand out among autism schools in the city.

    While there are several special schools in Bangalore for autism, Tamahar is renowned for its all-encompassing approach and dedicated services.

    Many families and experts consider Tamahar among the best due to its comprehensive programs, experienced staff, and commitment to individualized care.

    Absolutely. While renowned as an autism school, Tamahar is also a distinguished NGO working for disabled in India, including those with mental challenges.

    Yes, Tamahar offers specialized programs for mentally challenged children, ensuring they receive the care, education, and support they need.

    Tamahar is located in Bangalore and is a dedicated school for the mentally challenged, offering a blend of education and therapeutic interventions.

    Tamahar holds a prominent position among NGOs for the mentally challenged in Bangalore, thanks to its comprehensive approach and unwavering commitment to its mission.

    Tamahar stands out as a beacon of dedication and care among NGOs working for disabled in India. With a focus on holistic development, individualized care, and innovative programs, it has carved a niche in providing unparalleled support to disabled children.

    If you’re keen to donate to disabled children, Tamahar offers a transparent and impactful platform. You can visit our ‘Donations’ page on the website or contact us directly to understand how your contribution can make a tangible difference in the lives of these special children.

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