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Proven to improve balance and physical strength. Coordination improves; children who were hyperactive become relaxed. Remarkable improvement can be seen in listening skills, attention and self-regulation.

Music Therapy

Is known to improve vocalization, attention, and sitting tolerance in children. It has teaches them music appreciation! The idea is not to teach music, but use it as the means to induce development.

“Based on the tenets given in Samaved, our Music Therapy uses Carnatic Vocal Music and the understanding of the chakra system of health in our body”



Physiotherapy - 2

Helps children who have mobility issues and reduces spasticity.

Occupational Therapy

While physiotherapy takes care of the physiological aspect of rehabilitation, occupational therapy aims at enabling the child to be independent by teaching Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and other everyday functions. (Safety, Selfcare, Feeding)


Speech Therapy


An integral part of rehabilitation when working with children who have difficulty in swallowing, talking, and understanding language due to medical or surgical conditions.

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