Core Programs for Mentally Retarded Children

Early Intervention

Children with brain damage or special needs often struggle to progress alongside their neurotypical peers in areas such as self-care, intellectual, physical, and emotional development. Thus, they require tailored support and stimuli to nurture these skills. Early Intervention encompasses these targeted activities and therapies to benefit infants and toddlers, especially for children with intellectual impairment.

At Tamahar, Early Intervention serves as a cornerstone program, aiming to create the optimal environment to elevate a child’s developmental level to that of a 4-year-old. The ultimate goal is to lay a strong foundation that empowers them to lead as autonomous a life as achievable.

Functional Academics

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Children who are developmentally above 5 years of age start with academic training, based on the Montessori method of teaching, where self-experiential learning is given importance. There is equal attention to self-expression through a number of extra-curricular activities. Under functional academics, stress is on learning only the essential subjects needed for life navigation and focus weighs more on teaching life skills – social skills and individual personality development.

This program also focusses on basic academic skills that the child must have to operate in day to day life. These include Math, Language (English and Oral Kannada), Science and lot of extra-curricular sessions (As per Karnataka state syllabus)


This program acts as a transitional bridge between Early Intervention and Functional Academics, suited for children with developmental ages 3-4 years. It guarantees that a child is adequately prepared to transition from focused one-on-one therapy to a group environment.

Pre Vocational Training

This program is designed for adolescents and young adults to make them ready to take up any employment opportunity that they might get – this can be a vocational training, an open market job, a family business or even entrepreneurship. This started off as an experiment in 2016 and within a year, the first trainee graduated to join a vocational training centre! He is now employed and drawing a stipend there.

Our aim here is to expose these adolescents and young adults to the idea of working, which has not even been introduced to them till this point in life, and to the various options that will be available to them once they step out. We intend to help the person and their family identify the right work for the individual based on his/her potential and preference.

Sheltered Workshop

Sheltered workshops are facility-based day programs attended by adults with disabilities, as an alternative to working and earn their living. Activities will provide them a platform to learn and earn their living in a secure, protected environment giving dignity.

The program caters to young adults (Age 18+) with special needs having severe disability/intellectual impairment (IQ < 35) that would make it impossible for them to function independently, pursue education, and independent vocational training

Frequently Asked Questions

Tamahar provides a range of core programs meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of mentally retarded children, ensuring comprehensive support and development.

Tamahar’s core programs are based on holistic approaches, tailored to offer optimal development and care for mentally retarded children, setting them apart from conventional interventions focused on rote learning of writing, letters and numbers, etc.

Our core programs are crafted to cater to mentally retarded children across various age groups, ensuring each child receives age-appropriate and beneficial interventions.

Parents can directly contact Tamahar for detailed information on the enrollment process and how our core programs can benefit their mentally retarded child.

Yes, Tamahar often collaborates with medical professionals and experts to ensure the best care and interventions for mentally retarded children in its core programs.

Tamahar employs standardized assessments and continuous monitoring to gauge the progress and developmental milestones achieved by mentally retarded children in our core programs.

Absolutely! Tamahar encourages active participation of parents and guardians to ensure a holistic and supportive environment for mentally retarded children.

Tamahar takes pride in the achievements of every child and often shares success stories and testimonials showcasing the progress of mentally retarded children through our core programs.

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