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  • assistive-devices

    Assistive Devices


    Provide a child/young adult with necessary Assistive Devices so that they can improve their strength and stability and lead an independent life.

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  • basic-eI- training

    Basic EI training


    Help us provide parent training programme for 10 participants to educate the caregiver of the child with special needs on essential intervention practices.

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  • auxiliary-therapies

    Auxiliary therapies


    Sponsor Auxiliary Therapy for a child for a month which include Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Yoga, Recreation and Sports.

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  • core-interventions



    Donate towards core intervention programme of a child for a month which include awide range of therapies to enable physical, intellectual, academic and emotional development of each child.

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  • advanced-training-on-interventions

    Advanced Training on interventions


    Help us address the serious dearth of qualified special education professionals in the Indian social sector by conducting a structured training programme developed based on our global best practices.

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  • mental-health-of-parents

    Mental health of


    Help a parent of a child with special needs to avail the service of a clinical psychologist for a month for weekly support groups and individual counselling sessions to give them much needed mental support and guidance.

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  • developmental-assessment



    Sponsor a child to get crucial assessment services so that we can determine his/her developmental age in various domains - cognition, communication, fine or gross motor skills etc.

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  • logo

    General fund


    Apart from Core Intevention, assesment and training we also do awareness and advocacy about disabilities in the societies, research on effective intervention, encourage our children to participate in community competitions, conduct cultural programs to improve inclusivity.

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