Mental Health Services

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Support Group

Caregivers of individuals with special needs require continual love, care, and reinforcement. Their roles demand round-the-clock commitment, often accompanied by emotional and financial challenges. At Tamahar, we understand this intricate balance, and through our Mental Health services, we aspire to provide these caregivers a space to cultivate self-awareness, emotional stability, and personal fulfillment, distinct from their caregiving roles.

Our approach encompasses personalized counseling sessions and support group interactions facilitated by our dedicated in-house clinical psychologist.

Skill Development Program

A new initiative, this program aims at imparting profitable skills to the mothers of children enrolled at Tamahar. The intent is to empower the women to become valued contributors in their household, give them economic independence and most importantly, give a boost to their self-worth and sense of individual fulfillment.

This makes them emotionally as well as economically more resilient and confident. Over time, this translates into emotional growth of the mother and as a result, of the child. Currently, we provide spoken english and embroidery classes. In future, we want to set up a dedicated training centre for them and expand to include computer training and tailoring.

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Parent Training in Early Intervention

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Dedicated to championing the cause of mentally challenged children, our mission at Tamahar is to provide unparalleled support to these children and their families. Through specialized Mental Health services and collaborations with esteemed autism schools in Bangalore, we aim to touch and transform as many lives as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tamahar’s family services emphasize the importance of mental well-being. Our dedicated Mental Health services cater to the emotional and psychological needs of both children with special needs and their caregivers, ensuring comprehensive support.

Absolutely. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by caregivers and parents, Tamahar offers specialized Mental Health services tailored to address their emotional and psychological well-being.

Families interested in availing Mental Health services at Tamahar can reach out through our contact channels on the website to schedule consultations or sessions as needed.

Yes, Tamahar’s Mental Health services comprise a range of offerings, including individual and group counseling and therapy sessions, aimed at supporting and guiding families through their journeys.

Mental well-being is foundational to overall health. Tamahar’s Mental Health services form a vital component of our family services, ensuring that alongside physical and developmental support, emotional and psychological needs are addressed and nurtured.

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