Tamahar Auxiliary Programs

Teaching Kids with Learning Disabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Tamahar’s auxiliary programs are meticulously designed to meet the diverse learning requirements of kids with learning disabilities, ensuring they receive the necessary tools and interventions to excel.

Tamahar offers a range of vocational training programs tailored to suit the abilities and interests of special children, aiming to equip them with skills for future independence and employment.

Beyond merely teaching kids with learning disabilities, our programs focus on overall well-being, life skills, and preparing them for societal integration.

Yes, Tamahar ensures that the vocational training for a special child is tailored to their unique strengths and challenges, making the learning process more effective.

Parents or guardians interested in our vocational training can contact Tamahar directly for detailed enrollment procedures and prerequisites.

Tamahar believes in community collaboration and often works in tandem with other organizations to ensure the best vocational training outcomes for special children.

Over the years, many children with learning disabilities have benefitted immensely from our auxiliary programs, going on to achieve significant milestones in both academics and life skills.

Community members can support Tamahar’s mission in various ways, including volunteering, donations, or collaborating on specific initiatives focused on the holistic development of special children.

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