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Awareness and Advocacy


Tamahar actively champions the cause of pediatric disability by fostering community awareness and advocacy. Engaging diverse stakeholders, we organize lecture sessions, activities, and gatherings 4-5 times annually, offering opportunities to volunteer for disabled child care. The World Health Organization (WHO) designates specific days to spotlight certain conditions. 

We align our initiatives with these days to amplify community understanding and advocate for change. Notable observances include April 2nd for World Autism Awareness Day and December 3rd as the International Day of Persons with Disability.

Train The Trainer Program

We have been wanting to increase our reach to more children for the past few years, but it is just not feasible, or sustainable, to go on opening new branches. Iinstead, we have started to spread our knowledge and expertise to other similar organizations through our Train the Trainer program to reach more children indirectly.

In 2017, Tamahar was appointed as the knowledge partner for Disability NGOs Alliance’s rural Early Intervention project, wherein we disseminated our methodology among 3 other pediatric disability organizations in rural north Karnataka. We also had a TTT partner in urban Bangalore in 2018.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Tamahar welcomes volunteers in their other programs, providing a meaningful platform for those keen to contribute to disabled child care.

As a volunteer, you can engage in various activities like lecture sessions, special events, community get-togethers, and awareness campaigns that focus on pediatric disability and its advocacy.

Tamahar organizes events 4-5 times annually, offering consistent opportunities for individuals eager to volunteer in disabled child care and make a tangible difference.

Yes, on specific observances like World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd and International Day of People with Disability on December 3rd, Tamahar often seeks additional volunteer support for disabled child care activities and awareness campaigns.

We recommend regularly checking Tamahar’s ‘Other Programs’ webpage or subscribing to their newsletter for updates on upcoming events and volunteer opportunities in disabled child care.

While experience can be beneficial, Tamahar values passion and commitment. Training will be provided to ensure volunteers are well-equipped to assist in disabled child care activities.

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