Basic EI training


Help us provide parent training programme for 10 participants to educate the caregiver of the child with special needs on essential intervention practices.



Interventionist – There is a serious dearth of qualified professionals in the Indian social sector when it comes to special education and early intervention. To address this problem, Tamahar has been developing its own resources by providing intervention and special education training to anybody with basic literacy and love for children. This training entails multiple theory classes, classroom trainings, workshops with sector experts and visits to other institutions. Parents – The biggest problem any family with a child with special needs faces is not knowing how to handle their child or what to do to alleviate the condition. As a solution to this, Tamahar runs a mandatory parent training programme to educate the caregiver of the child on essential interventions and guide the family in all matters pertaining to the child.

Rs. 20,000 – 5 days training for 10 participants

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