Growing from Role to Role – Teacher Aid to Assistant Therapist

For most people, transitioning into a new role is a period of mixed feelings – of excitement and nervousness. However, it is a different feeling altogether if you are changing entire verticals within the same organization. Here is one such story of an individual who has broken barriers of language and education to move from the role of Teacher Aid to Assistant Therapist under the Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy team of Tamahar.

We had a little chat with Mrs Gowri to understand her journey thus far and the various aspects of her work life that have had a positive effect on her personality and personal life. 

Gowri’s journey at Tamahar started off in the year 2010 when a friend of hers let her know about a possible vacancy for the role of a Teacher Aid at Tamahar. Thus began her ongoing journey which has lasted 9 years and counting. Over these years, she has proactively picked up skills and tips from everyone around her, covering aspects of not just her professional life but also soft skills, communication skills, and others relevant to her life as a whole.

Assistant Therapist, Mrs Gowri during one of the physiotherapy sessions at Tamahar

She says, she has learnt a lot about therapy and handling children from our founder-director, Mrs Vaishali Pai and our COO, Ms Tripti BG. Apart from this, Mrs Gowri has also learnt the art of handling people, the right way to communicate with others, the dos and don’ts of working with children, and a lot more! Having come across children and families from various backgrounds, Mrs Gowri says she has been exposed to a wide range of medical conditions. This helps her understand the specific requirements of each of these children who have Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy sessions and help the therapists accordingly. Apart from this, she has always shared a great equation with the children! One glance at the way the children hug her in the same manner they would hug their grandmother or aunt is proof of how much she is adored by our kids. They listen to her and she is like a mother hen to all children and even staff!

While Mrs Gowri has been lauded for her work earlier, she didn’t let it affect her work to the extent of making her complacent. Instead, she kept working towards improving herself and this helped maintain the quality of her work. Eventually, she was promoted to the role of Assistant Therapist. Overall, Mrs Gowri feels she has had a fulfilling professional life and hopes to learn even more in the coming years! We wish her all the best for everything she does currently at Tamahar and everything she aspires to do in the future!

Assistant Therapist, Mrs Gowri with the Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist at Tamahar

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